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Seasons Greetings

RX Seasons Greetings Prescription Verse Card . . PMA-396
If you would like to send a Prescription Greeting Card but don't know everyone in the family by name. Or if you simply like the way this verse card reads and want to send this original type of MARXMARK Prescription Greeting Card. Just sign it and send it.

RX Prescription Note Card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .NAR-812
Write your own "CHRISTMAS WISHES" or a "Seasons Greetings" message you'd like to send. If you are a prolific poet and want to write someone special a personal poem or just send a note to a friend during the winter months, this is the card. The inside layout is a simple Prescription Blank format. An unlabeled single line at the top center is for the name of the recipient receiving the note card. At the lower right is unlabeled double line so the sender's name is placed on the first line. On the second line, use one of the choices that follow: Address, E-mail Address, Cell Phone #, Home Phone #, Office Phone #. Type or hand write the inside to Personalize the RX GREETINGS. Another original MARXMARK Prescription Greeting Card.

RX Merry Christmas Prescription Card . . . . . . . . . . . PMB-396

When filling out this Prescription Greeting Card the Patient is the person or persons to whom you're sending the card. Address is their mailing address. Date could be the date you mail the card or the date of the Holiday. The # sign (aka "number" sign) is the number of people your sending the card to. (One Person # 1 Merry Christmas, or Two People # 2 Merry Christmas i.e. add a one for each person, etc.) For Refill use any number you want or prn ( which means "as needed") or write the word "many" on the line at lower left side of card. Lower right Dr. Person or persons staff sending the greeting. Address and Phone of same sending this original MARXMARK Prescription Greeting Card.


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