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RX Greetings
Unique RX Gift Ideas

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Is a Unique Mix of a Greeting Card and a Prescription.

There's Four types of Prescription Greeting Cards:

1. The Prescription Verse Card or the Script Verse Card offers you a similar format to a Standard Greeting Card, but its inside Verse is written on a Prescription. So like other Greeting Cards just sign it and send it.

2. The Prescription Greeting Card complete with Name, Address of the Recipient and Date at the top inside the Card gives the look of an authentic Prescription and also Personalizes the Card. All parts inside the Greeting Card adds to the Original Theme of a Prescription including “Refills” in the lower left side of some of our Designs. In the lower right side of the Card there’s a place for the Name, Address, and Phone of the Sender or Senders. This keeps everything inside the card and the party for whom the Greeting Card is intended for will have all the information on the card about the Sender. There’s no need to hang onto those dirty envelopes, all that’s needed is on the Card. Not many Greeting Cards are personalized and have all the Senders information on them, except for Invitations which also have an “R.S.V.P.” noted. Thanks to the French the “R.S.V.P.” or “répondez s'il vous plaît” became a significant part of the Invitation. Translating “R.S.V.P.” to “reply if you please” or “please respond” depending on how you interpret the French to English, it all means the same. So think of these Prescription Greeting Cards if “You’d Like” as an Invitation with an “R.S.V.P.” if “They’d Like”. Great to Send in Business or for Pleasure.

3. The Prescription Note Card is for writing Notes, Greetings or any Message you'd like to send in your own words. The inside layout is a simple Prescription Blank format. An unlabeled single line at the top center is for the name of the recipient receiving the Note Card. At the lower right is an unlabeled double line so the sender's Name, Address, e-mail Address, Cell Phone #, Home Phone #, Office Phone # or Web Site can be entered. Similar to your Standard Note Card except this one has RX-cellence.

4. The Prescription Blank Gift Card is something we offer as a selection in our Wine Gift Cards. It's a Prescription Blank and must be filled in by the sender. Refer to Number(2) above parts of the Prescription Greeting Card. In addition, the body of the Prescription is blank. A greeting card cover with an RX pad or Prescription pad attached for you to write your own recipe. This Vinum Prescription Blank Gift Card is available on our Wine Gift Card page. There are detailed instructions and examples for filling out the Blank Prescription Wine Gift Card that are easy to follow. Wine Gift Cards make a great presentation whether you're a wine connoisseur or an average wine drinker. These Cards complete the gift and leave a lasting impression socially or in the business world.

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